Brands have often found it difficult to maintain top of the mind awareness with their audience. They garner followers and likes on social media but it doesn’t necessarily translate to enquiries or conversion. This is because most often than not, brands usually appear aggressive and are all about sales. Funny thing is most people don’t like being sold to.

I know what you’re thinking, “ What business doesn’t want to sell?” “Isn’t the purpose of marketing to sell more?” The answer is none and yes. Let me ask you a question, do you remember Peak milk’s ad featuring Kanu’s story? (I apologize to the Gen Zs). 

I am sure that ad was memorable for many people not because it featured a popular Nigerian footballer but because everyone saw themselves in the story that was told. Everyone could relate with overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges to achieve your goals. Not only did Peak milk ride the high for a long time, it gave birth to the Kanu Heart Foundation that has so far helped a lot of Nigerian children. That particular ad wasn’t about selling evaporated milk, it was about telling a story.

Storytelling is more than a marketing tool, it is creating an emotional connection with your audience. It is about creating a bond with your audience individually. Rather than trying to sell them your product, sell them yourself or your story. A wise man once said “People want to know how much you care before how much you know”.

However, storytelling for brands is not about creating a fictitious story or emotional manipulation because people can see through B.S (pardon my French). It is about seeing through your audience’s eyes, it is about walking in their shoes, it is about how much your brand can make their life easier or better.

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